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Online Virtual After School Magic Lessons using Zoom

Live Teaching of Magic for Young Magicians


There are a variety of dates and times to fit your schedule.  Match your kids age with your most convenient time slot available.

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School FuN FaiRs

Fun fairs are the perfect venue for magic to shine and help schools raise money for the benefit of the kids!

Chris Westfall's high energy magic show is jam packed with laughing, gasping, screaming and audience participation! This show got a lot of hype from TVOkids. It is perfect for outdoors and indoors, for rain or shine. This magic show could even save the fun fair in a unfortunate rain out or other bad weather situation.

Magician Chris Westfall will also help promote your school fun fair by placing it on his website, social media and email campaigns, and promotion material such as posters or flyers may be available.

Don't hesitate, book Chris now! 

Toronto school magician at funfair

"METAPHORS IN MAGIC"  magic with a message!

Magician Chris Westfall is well known for his character driven shows and his creativity. Let magician Chris put his talents to good use and teach the kids at your school a thing or two about different topics while having fun.

Chris teaches lessons through his magic shows, using the magic as metaphors for the real purpose...to learn! It's the old mash up the broccoli and put it in the food your kids love technique that has worked for centuries.

Contact Chris and ask him about his "Metaphors in Magic" shows created at both the high school level and elementary level. Topics include: "Bullying", "the environment", social media and "sex, alcohol, drugs and violence". Have Chris consult or create a magic show or presentation for any topic you like!

Inquire now about this clever way to help your students learn while having fun!

Toronto school magician
school magicianMagician Chris Westfall at school

Just for fun School Events...
Graduation, Proms!

Magician Chris Westfall has the perfect way for you to give back to the students who have worked so hard all year around. Chris will come to your classroom and give the kids a show they will never forget! A school year they will always remember because a teacher added a little magic to their lives.

School Graduation is an accomplishment well deserving an award. Chris will make your students laugh, gasp and scream in his high energy magic show! He will perform for an entire school in a large gym, a prom venue, a small classroom or banquet hall. Either way it's these moments in our school lives that make us enjoy the sometimes tough and painstaking years we call school!

Book magician Chris Westfall now to give back to your students by making them laugh and enjoy their school lives.

Toronto school magician

Magic at the University of Toronto

Toronto school magician
chris westfall at school
Chris Performs at SchoolToronto Magician at Fun fair

Chris performs magic with help at a Fun Fair