A Live Magic Show Experience

A toronto theatrical magic experience

Theatre Magic Show - Chris Westfall & The Porcelain Princess

Live Theater Magic Show, perfect for the whole family!

This live magic show will astonish and amaze, baffle and bewilder, will have you sitting on the edge of your seats, at the top of your imagination.  This is, "Chris Westfall...& the Porcelain Princess Magic Experience!

DESCRIPTION: This is like 2 illusion shows in 1. Follow the Porcelain Princess tale as Chris Westfall's alter ego character "Professor Weir Doe" brings the doll Bella to life through an amazing and slightly creepy, but astonishing, show opener. Follow Professor Weir Doe as he experiments on Bella in the most magical ways, and watch her amazing transition from doll to human in this magic to music and theatrics the entire way through. In between the Porcelain Princess scenes, meet magician Chris Westfall as he performs his one-man family magic show jam packed with laughter, gasps, screaming, and audience participation the entire way through.  

The Porcelain Princess Magic Show toured coast to coast and has found a place in people's hearts all over the country. The Porcelain Princess Magic show has been in 39 cities and is returning to Toronto for 2 nights.

For this full stage show packed with illusions, music, and lighting, a large set-up is required and must be discussed in detail so that Chris Westfall and Bella can set up the most amazing and astonishing magical experience you and your guests will ever have!!!

“Chris Westfall brought his Porcelain Princess tour to Whitecourt last night, at the St. Joseph Community Hall. He definitely delivered! Between over-the-head discreet adult jokes, a flashy & fun persona for the kids to enjoy, diverse stage props, to the actual illusion & fun of a magic show, this was a great night. Chris had 2 personas on-stage. One was a mad scientist trying to capture & outwit a beautiful onstage dancer/magic assistant, to the actual Chris Westfall who left children & adults alike in awe. He constantly invited kids & adults onstage to be assistants to his many tricks. He gave gifts to everyone participating onstage, whether it was a playing card to be autographed, to a magic kit – encouraging kids to learn some tricks for themselves and possibly pursue a dream. This was a true audio/visual experience, and is one that we will remember in Whitecourt. The crowd received the show very well, and the St. Joseph Hall was quite busy.”