Trade Show Magician

The Magic will be the talk of the show and people will seek out your booth.

Trade Show Magician

A magician will attract people that Increase sales and leads.

Does your company uses Trade Shows as a marketing tool to gather leads, sell products or services?  If the answer is yes, you are always thinking about how to attract more customers to your booth.

One of the most effective ways to attract attention is through an entertaining booth and building a buzz on the trade show floor. Entertaining and building a buzz is exactly what a Magician does.

Magician, Chris will work with clients and change the magic to promote products and help bring people into your trade show booth. Chris has been the highlight of many Trade Shows in Toronto and across Canada and United States. The magic will make your booth a place that potential buyers will flock to.

Chris is a graduate of "Second City" and has headlined at Yuk Yuks. His comedic style and amazing talents as a magician makes one fantastic trade show booth.

Chris's will tune his magic to fit the customers that your company wants to attract to the trade show booth. His magic performances will be the talk of the show and people will seek out your booth.

Your Trade Show booth traffic will dramatically increase with Chris grabbing the attention of potential customers. The people stop to watch the magician perform and then he re-directs to booth salespeople to close or gather leads.

trade show magic

Companies comparing leads from year to year see increases of up to 500% when using Chris and his magic.

Chris works the crowd at a Chicago Trade show.

chris westfall,trade show, magician

Chris brings in the crowd at a Toronto Trade show.

trade show magician

Chris performs at a booth in Vancouver.


Chris performs for the crowd at a Toronto Trade show.

magician,trade show,chris westfall