Toronto's Best Magician
for Family Events

Toronto family event magician

His unique style of magic and humour has allowed him to create the perfect magic show for your family event.


Magic at your Family Event

From a large reunion or picnic, to a small home gathering or BBQ, Chris the magician will make your family function AMAZING and incredible.  Magic will make a real family bonding experience that will be talked about for years to come.  Magicians are perfect for family events like weddings, first communions and big family banquet bashes. Chris has performed for thousands of families in Toronto and coast to coast.

Toronto family event magician

Chris performs at east coast festival

Toronto family event magician


Wedding magicians are very popular and makes that special day even more magical. Chris has done hundreds of wedding. The magician moves from table to table showing close-up magic is called "Strolling Magic". This is the most popular at weddings but a stage show can be performed. This stage shows interact with wedding guests on stage and is filled with amazing magic and comedy.

Wedding magician Chris Westfall

Magicians at Wedding are very popular

Wedding magician Chris Westfall


Chris, an award winning Magician that will make that special day even more magical.Chris has years of experience in providing amazing family entertainment which knows no age barrier so you can be sure that every guest at your Communion party – especially the celebrant will have a great day. If you are planning a Holy Communion Party at home or in a hotel, restaurant or other venue, Chris will discuss how he can help to make the event run smoothly from start to finish with strolling magic, close-up magic or a age appropriate magic show.

Communion magician

Chris at communion party

Magician Chris Westfall
Toronto family event magician

Chris performs for a family event in Toronto

Toronto family event magician
Toronto family event magician
Magician performs for boyscouts

Chris shows boy scouts ropes the magical way


The perfect show for adult birthdays, anniversary, retirement or any other small gathering.  Close up magic is a passion of Chris’s and favorite show to perform.  This genre of magic is the most intimate of all styles and is jam packed with laughing and gasping and audience participation! Done with regular everyday objects up close and personal along with the magic happening in the spectators hands.

This show is best performed at a dinning room table with people sitting and standing around it or in a living room with Chris performing for everyone at once.  Can either be for adults with a un-censored sort of comedy or toned down when a younger crowd is present!

Its been said by spectators that this is the Best magic show they have ever seen, more so then any onstage magic performance!!

Close up magic with Chris

Close-up magic is perfect for small groups of 6-20

“Chris Westfall, as usual, you were a huge hit and brought this party alive .... Thank you so much for the crazy magic and all the giggles and laughs ..... you truly were born to entertain and we can't wait to have you here for the adults show on girls night!”