Magic Shows for Summer Camps and Resorts

Summer Camp magician

Summer or Day Camps and Resort Magic Shows

Spectators of all ages laugh, gasp and scream the entire way through. Chris is a “Second City” graduate, which makes for a uniquely interactive experience. He performs coast to coast. Chris got a lot of hype from TVOkids and was voted “Best in the GTA” by Today’s Parent magazine.

These high energy magic shows come with full sound, back drop and theatrics for a large production value.

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Toronto Magician at Fun fair

Chris performs magic with help

Toronto school magician at funfair

Chris shows magic in Labrador

Magician Chris Westfall at school

Chris performs at Blue Mountain Resort

Toronto school magician


The Magic Show
Chris will perform one or two shows for your campers and staff. These high energy magic shows come with full sound, back drop and theatrics for high production value.

The Magic Workshops
Chris invites groups of excited campers to experience close-up magic and learn awesome tricks that will astonish their friends and families. Trick supplies are provided for campers to take home.

The Magic Camp Experience
Combine both of the above packages at a discount. Chris as part of the camp becomes an amazing experience for everyone!

Chris teaches at a camp in Muskoka

Chris at RobinHood Summer Camp

chris westfall at school

Chris performs in at a Summer Camp in Algonquin

Chris Performs at School
school magician

Kids help with magic in a Haliburton Resort

Toronto school magician

Who wants to help in magic trick?

Chris performs at Zodiak Day camp