Toronto's Best Magician
for your Family & Adult Events

Toronto adult event magician

Toronto's Best Magician for Your Family & Adult Events

Adult Events

Very entertaining magic for birthdays, weddings or events of any kind. You won't be disappointed.


Magic events have become very popular and in most cases go with the best entertainment for all ages.  Well look no more because Chris the magician has the perfect show and is a guaranteed hit for your next adult event!

From a small house event to a HUGE banquet hall holiday bash, Magician Chris Westfall is here to entertain you!

Chris, a Toronto based magician has performed hundreds of adult birthdays, weddings, bbqs, reunions, retirement or any other family event with audience members leaving with the look of astonishment and splitting laughing pains.


Magician Chris Westfall's magic show is a high energy magic show jam packed with laughing, gasping, screaming and audience participation!  Chris has a small show for 30 or have him mic up and bring in the illusions for a HUGE audience.  Either way his unique character is sure to add an amazing experience in this high energy and hilarious style of magical entertainment!

toronto magician laughter


The perfect show for any small adult gathering or adult birthday party. Close up magic is a passion of Chris’s and favourite show to perform.  This genre of magic is the most intimate of all styles and is jam packed with laughing and gasping and audience participation! Done with regular everyday objects up close and personal along with the magic happening in the spectators hands.

This show is best performed at a dinning room table with people sitting and standing around it or in a living room with Chris performing for everyone at once.  Can either be for adults with a un-censored sort of comedy or toned down when a younger crowd is present!

Its been said that this is the Best magic show they have ever seen, more so then any onstage magic performance!!

Toronto close up magician


Walk around magic is an intimate and awesome way to show magic.  Have Chris walk around your party and go from group to group entertaining your guests with his unique magic with small everyday objects.  Your sure to hear the gasps and laughs following Chris as he goes from each group!

Toronto magician strolls
Toronto adult event magician
Toronto adult event magician
Toronto adult event magician

Chris on Stage in Toronto

Toronto adult event magician

Chris at Convention in Niagara Falls

toronto wedding magician

Chris will make your wedding even more magical

Chris uses mentalism

Chris at Convention

Playing with the audience

toronto wedding magician

A Magical Wedding

Toronto adult event magician

Engaging the audience